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How to Declutter Your Home

The beauty of a home is not measured by its size alone. Would you rather have a house the size of a mansion that looks like it was just hit by a hurricane hit or a modest-sized house where everything is neatly organized? The choice is yours. They say the home and everything about it speaks volumes about the ones who live there. So, if your home is as cluttered as a dumpsite, people may have a negative impression of you. But, if in the other hand, you have an immaculately tidy and pleasant house, your visitors will likely view you in a positive manner.  With that in mind, here are some suggestions to help you declutter your home.


First, make a detailed plan of attack. Decide which part of the house to clean first.  The ‘disaster areas’ of a home can vary greatly from person to person or family to family.  Determine which room or rooms are the messiest and in the need of the most help first and focus on those. Come up with a plan detailing the tasks needed to clean each room and try to estimate the time needed for accomplishing each task.  A time frame is very important because it will help you monitor how long you have spent on a task and be helpful in progressing.  It can also be advantageous when you feel overwhelmed with the number of tasks you must do.  Focus on the tasks one at a time and as you mark them off your list you will experience a sense of accomplishment that will hopefully keep you motivated to continue.


Next, start immediately with the cleaning phase since this part will eat up majority of your time. Start by organizing your things. Sort out your clutter by grouping everything together into piles or even plastic bins. For example, Clothes with clothes, shoes with shoes, mail with mail, etc. For those things that you still want and can use, leave them are they are. But for those items like clothing that you no longer want because they are out of style or don’t fit or you simply don’t like them anymore, remove them.  You can sell them at a garage sale or a consignment shop, give them to friends or family, or donate the items to the charity of your choice. The specific technique you use to declutter your home can vary greatly.  Some plans take months while others can be accomplished in a matter of days.

Sometimes, it may not be possible to reach your decluttering goals in short order but no need to fret. If you find you are becoming discouraged because the job looks too big or seems to be taking too long, take some time off, revise your plans, and try again. Do not stop until you get the desired results. After all, you are the one who is going to live inside your home. You would not want to endure a dirty place everyday for the rest of your life now, would you?


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The market is like the weather

Well it certainly has been an interesting short spring, long summer market. Mostly cool interspersed with HOT! 
We certainly are seeing much more balance in the sales end of things. Properties are taking longer to sell ( approx 30 days) and often with price reductions. There does not seem to be any price point in particular rather it appears to be a response to the condition of the home . 
Buyers seem very reluctant to premium prices for homes requiring work.  Homes with good upgrades and updates still tend to garner asking price or better.
I think this is a sign of the market balancing itself out. After all these years, it truly is about time.
Accuracy in pricing is far more important than ever. We feel very fortunate to have worked in a balanced market and have the ability to respond to this one with experience.

Top Five Points to Remember When Picking New Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is a common room for all members of the family. It gets lots of traffic in a single day, explaining why it can start to show signs of deterioration in just a few years.  Your kitchen deserves a makeover and this can entail a fresh layer of paint or brand new appliances. The kitchen is likely to brighten up if you buy new cabinets. According to expert kitchen designers, you should always reflect on the following five points prior to making a decision on either picking custom cabinets or pre-manufactured designer cabinets. They include:


1)       Price


Custom cabinets are usually pricier than pre-fabricated cabinets. However, you can buy slightly cheaper custom cupboards from a big box store and have them installed for a fee. If you decide to buy custom-made cabinets from a carpentry shop, however, you will most likely pay a hefty price for your cabinet based on the materials you opt for, your kitchen size and your neighbourhood. It may be easier to just choose designer cabinets because they come in a wide range and are customizable. 


2)        Removal of old cabinets and installation of new ones


Whether you purchase your new kitchen cabinets from cabinet carpenters or box stores, there will be nice services to enjoy from each. Many stores include removal and installation service in their fee. It means that the service provider will remove your old and worn-out cupboards, install your new ones and clean your kitchen after finishing their work.  If your service provider does not provide this service you will have to budget for it as well.


3)       Size of your kitchen


Does your kitchen have an odd shape? If so, it could be that no other cabinets would be more appropriate for your kitchen size and shape than made-to-measure styles.  On the other hand, you may have a basic kitchen design that can support both pre-fabricated cabinets and box-store ones. If that is the case you can choose either of the two as they are the cheaper alternatives.


4)       Value for your money


According to professional kitchen designers who make custom cabinets in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), you can get more value for your money if you use a custom cabinet maker.  Not only does a custom designer give you an option to choose furniture that will suit the size, shape and design of your kitchen. They also possess quality craftsmanship that you can hardly find from the makers of pre-fabricated kitchen cupboards.


5)       Customer support


A custom cabinet maker provides quick customer service particularly when there is an issue with your order. In addition, their responsiveness when quick repair projects crop up usually doubles that of a huge manufacturer.  Furthermore, custom cabinet makers tend to outdo pre-fabricated cabinet manufacturers even when it comes to owning up to their own faults. They respond quickly and practically to the needs of their customers.


Final tip


Any remodelling project is a big undertaking for a homeowner like you. Therefore you need to create your budget carefully, being fully aware and honest about your needs, and then seek assistance from a renowned home professional in your local area.