Gratitude Winnipeg

Living and working in this great city fills us with gratitude daily. We look forward to sharing with you, all the wonderful things Winnipeg.
If you have a charity or a truly unique Winnipeg event you would like us to promote or include we would love to hear from you. Please “like” the GratitudeWinnipeg page and follow along.

Joanne Lesko 


Phone: 431-441-5400

2003 Portage AVE
Winnipeg, MB

Cindi French 


Phone: 204-955-9667

2003 Portage AVE
Winnipeg, MB

When it comes to real estate, we're passionate, we're committed, and we're dedicated, and we want to work for you.

To us this is more than just a real estate transaction. 

We break the barrier of agent / client relationship and turn it into making a new friend and helping you find your dream home or sell your existing home.

Welcome to our corner of the web, and we invite you to look around and look forward to meeting over a coffee soon